Friday, April 16, 2010


The Orioles lost to the Athletics on Thursday night to begin a ten day road trip to the west coast. I was not able to watch the game, but from what I read in the game story on the Baltimore Sun website it looked to be a pathetic showing.

Adam Jones looked to have a solid game going 3-5 with a double and a triple, but other than that---WOW.

The O's are now 1-9, and the season is already spiraling downhill. They've lost Brian Roberts for a good portion of the season, their closer who turned out to be a bit of a fraud, and Koji Uehara, who has been nothing short of disappointing in his two seasons in Baltimore.

I'm not too sure what to say here. The Ravens start training camp in more than three months, therefore, I'll need to keep coming up with something interesting to say about the Orioles. Wait a second, of course I'll be able to come up with something interesting. I always do!

Look for a piece on what I believe can and can't be fixed, and how I'd move forward with the team if I were running it. Hey, there's really not much else to say at 1-9.

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