Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Close Call

The Baltimore Orioles lost their second straight game to open the season against the Tampa Bay Rays. The heartbreak was not as bad this time as the Rays went ahead 4-2 before winning 4-3. It was a very well played game with bounces and plays that could have gone either way. If you know my blog, you know that I just call that for what it is: baseball.

Adam Jones had another single, and Matt Wieters collected two more hits and scored a run. The Orioles just never could get another hit in the clutch with runners on, and part of that is a credit to Rays pitcher Matt Garza, who pitched a terrific game. Garza threw every pitch for strikes, changed speeds, and located beautifully. Sometimes you have to credit the other team, and this was one of those nights.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched very well tonight in giving up only three runs in 6 1/3 after having a terrible spring training. Guthrie located his fastball and slider very well, and got some key strikeouts in big situations. The Rays are a terrific offensive team, and Guthrie gave the Orioles more than a chance to win this game.

The Orioles are facing a tough task. The American League East has three of the best teams in baseball, and the Orioles must climb them to be a contender. The Orioles are certainly much improved, and there is no doubt they are competing with the Rays down to the last out. One or two guys makes a huge difference in baseball, and right now the other teams have those guys. Once they start playing teams that aren't the Sox, Yankees, or Rays, I believe they will start winning a lot more consistently. However, they just need to get over that hump.

160 games left. Let's lay off the "they suck" chants for a few minutes.

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