Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 NFL Schedule Released

The 2010 NFL schedule has been released, and if the Ravens want to get back to the playoffs it will be a very, very tough road. The Ravens will start their season on the road in primetime against former assistant coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. The Jets will be opening their brand new stadium in the Meadowlands, and this game will be played with the highest of emotion.

The Ravens then travel to defending AFC North champion Cincinnati for a matchup against the Bengals. The Bengals have not shown the ability to put together back to back winning seasons since, well, ever. However, the Ravens never seem to play well in Cincinnati, and this matchup will be a big test.

The Ravens finally come back to Baltimore to start their home schedule against the lowly Cleveland Browns on September 26. It is paramount that the Ravens come back to Baltimore with at least one win or else it may get ugly quick.

The Ravens travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers in week four, but they will not have to face quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has been suspended for at least four games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Ravens schedule is grueling to start, but it's not surprising. The NFL never seems to give the team any breaks with regards to their schedule, and this year is just the latest example. Of four primetime games, the Ravens only will play one game at home. For a team that has made the playoffs and won at least one playoff game each year, they will not have a home Monday Night Football game again since 2007. They will not say it publicly, but I can guarantee the Ravens hierarchy is none to pleased about this.

The Ravens will certainly get a break in the middle of the year when they play the Bucs, Broncos, and Bills at home and the Carolina Panthers away. Not to say that these teams are bad, but the Ravens should be able to handle them. The Ravens will have four of their last six games at home, which could be important as they drive towards the playoffs in late November and December.

The schedule does not make much of a difference. Everybody knows who they will play, but it's just a question of when they will play them. The Ravens were dealt a tough hand to drive towards the playoffs, but let's be clear. If you want to be an elite team like the Ravens want to be, you must win games against good teams on the road.

The Ravens believe they are on the cusp of being an elite team, and if they make it through this schedule with 10 or 11 wins then I would have to consider them ready to make a big run in the playoffs.

Here is their complete schedule:

What do you think of the Ravens schedule, and how many games will they win?


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  2. tough schedule, but (assuming injuries are at a minimum) one the team can handle. The ravens have proven to be a very good road team, and should prevail in at least half of the away games. Winning 6 home games and 4 away games gets to 10-6, the minimum usually needed to get to the playoffs. One additional win in both categories gets you a home game in the playoffs. Go Ravens!!!!!