Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 NFL Mock Draft

With the NFL draft only two days away, I'd like to offer my own mock draft. Mock drafts have become the norm among sports sites because, well, let's be honest---PEOPLE LOVE THEM!

Here is my top 10 including the Ravens pick at 25.

1) St. Louis Rams: QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

I think the Rams are terrified that Bradford may not sign because of the utter dysfunction that the Rams are in. Nobody attends their games, there isn't a clear owner, and it's possible they will move soon. Nevertheless, they can always draft the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner and trade him for players or picks. Bradford is a very smart QB, and he can stretch the field the way many NFL teams like to these days. His accuracy his also such that he can be between 65% and 70% in the league. I'm not too worried about the guy's injury problems.

2) Detroit Lions: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Suh is one of the most dominant defensive players to come into the draft in a very, very long time. Baltimore Ravens personnel man Eric DeCosta went as far as to say that Suh is the best defensive player he's graded since Charles Woodson came out of Michigan in 1998. The Lions are trying to build their team on the defensive side of the ball because coach Jim Schwartz is known as a defensive-wiz. Suh should be able to step right in and make an impact for a Lions team that couldn't stop anybody last season. I believe I could have averaged two yards per carry last year against them.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

McCoy is a very solid prospect, although he is not the athlete Suh is. Many project McCoy to be a plug the gap type of player at the next level who can eat up a blocker or two, but won't make a Warren Sapp type impact. Defensive tackles are difficult to find, and the Bucs need one badly. The pick makes a lot of sense, and McCoy will be a Buc SOONER (Applause) rather than later.

4) Washington Redskins: OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

The Redskins need an offensive tackle badly. No, really. They have neglected this position for what seems like five years, and now that they have fired up the Redskins faithful with Donovan McNabb it's a necessity to protect him. Okung would fit the bill with his size, good feet, and athleticism. Okung should start right away, and I can't see the Redskins taking anyone else. If they did, they should never draft again.

5) Kansas City Chiefs: S Eric Berry, Tennessee

Berry is the type of athletic, ball-hawking safety that the league craves these days. With all of the spread offenses and teams with multiple receivers who can run and catch, it's paramount to have a guy like Berry in your backfield. He should make an impact right away with his size and speed, and overall knack for the position. Berry is the pick here, and the only other player I could see them going for is an offensive tackle. Berry fits the bill for me.

6) Seattle Seahawks: OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma

Many people have had Jimmy Clausen, Berry if he falls, or Dez Bryant go at this slot. I think Pete Carroll knows he needs to protect whomever he has playing quarterback for him more than anything. If Berry falls here, he's the pick. If not, Carroll is protecting the blind side.

7) Cleveland Browns: QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

Okay, do I think Clausen goes here? No, I don't. I just don't know which way Mike Holmgren is leaning. I actually like Clausen and think he'll be a fine professional QB. Many believed CB Joe Haden would be drafted here, but he has slipped out of people's minds of late. I'm open to suggestions as to who the Browns will take.

8) Oakland Raiders: OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland

Okay, the Raiders are the stupidest organization in football. Only they would take a guy who barely played at Maryland, was beaten like a drum, but looked great working out in shorts. No, I'm serious. If the Raiders don't pick Campbell, he will free-fall into the end of the first round. You watch. Any bets? Takers? I'm open to them.

9) Buffalo Bills: OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

Bulaga is the typical overachieving tackle from Iowa. He has short arms, slow feet, and is not too huge. He is very well coached, though, and many think he can be a starter on the right side for a decade. Bills fans will not like this pick, but I think this will be the pick with a QB being taken later in the draft.

10) Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

Everyone knows Jack Del Rio is on his last legs in Jacksonville. Hell, we've saying that for three years!! Maybe he'll stay 10 more years. The Jags need a combo backer/end in the worst way, and Morgan fits the bill. He's fast, big, and very agile, and can help the Jags for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't be surprised if they picked CJ Spiller either, but they have a very good running back already.

25) Baltimore Ravens: DeMaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech

Okay, let's be honest---I'm a big-time homer with this pick. I love Thomas and his blocking, athleticism, speed, and hands. Thomas is a bit of a project because of the offensive option-like system he played in at Ga Tech; however, that may work in his favor because he won't be pressured to contribute right away. The Ravens are now set at receiver with the additions of Mason, Boldin, and Stallworth. Thomas would be learning his craft from some of the very best, and he could become a legitimate target for many years to come. If Thomas is here, I think he will be the pick.

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