Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orioles vs Nationals

Over the past five years, there has been a division of hate between Nationals fans (all 20 of them) and Orioles fans. The Nationals fans have complained that Orioles owner Peter Angelos did all he could to keep the Expos from moving to DC in 2005. My response? Okay. Sorry. I would have done the same thing. Remember when the Redskins tried to keep Baltimore from having a team for 13 years? I do. Do the Ravens fans whine about the Redskins now? No. Anytime a team comes into your territory it's a big deal. This isn't Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. The market isn't as big, nor does it fit as many people.

Let's be honest: There are 10 times as many Orioles fans than Nationals fans in the area. The Orioles outdraw the Nationals in television ratings---IN WASHINGTON DC! I'm sick and tired of Nationals fans blaming everything on the Orioles, and whining that it's their fault. The Orioles own the rights to Nationals televised games. Well, that was part of the deal of them coming here. Deal with it. It really shouldn't have an impact on whether people like the Nats or not.

The whining and pining about the Orioles is incredible. Almost everything I read from Nats fans has something to do with the Orioles. Memo to the Nats fans: The Orioles do not care about you. You are not a threat. Your team is terrible, there is no fan base, and there won't be one. For 33 years you all wanted a team, yet one was not given to you. When a team was given to you, it was not the one you wanted. What did you expect? The Dodgers to move here from LA? DC is/has never been a baseball town. Two teams have bounced from the DC area in the past 50 years. The only reason this one is staying is because the owners are from the area, and the ballpark was just built (In a dump of an area). Which reminds me. You guys don't have to slam Camden Yards. It's not a valid argument towards anything. OPACY is recognized as one of the best in baseball, and one that revolutionized how stadiums and ballparks were built in the country. Save me that ridiculous argument.

All of this comes from an article in the Washington Post today by solid baseball writer Dave Sheinin. You can read the article http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/03/22/AR2010032201730.html. Going through the comments section of the article is amazing because it's about half the people praising the Post for covering the O's, and half the comments about the Orioles getting love instead of the Nationals. Keep in mind that the Orioles were dropped from the Posts daily beat. The sensitive nature is incredible from Nats fans. Boohoo, wo is us. You know what? Win more than 60 damn games a season, then come back to me and we'll talk.