Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful time.....of the Spring

Ladies and Gentlemen....THE SPRING HAS BEGUN. Well, the sports calendar of the spring, anyways.

March madness has started with a bang. Murray State defeated Vanderbilt on a buzzer shot, and Old Dominion defeated Notre Dame. Robert Morris took Villanova to overtime before running out of gas in the extra session. The games will get even better as the weekend progresses as Maryland will take the court Friday night in Spokane, Alaska; or Washington. It's so far away from Maryland it's ridiculous.

The Major League Baseball season is just around the corner. Hope springs eternal at this time for the 30 teams in Arizona and Florida who are just itching to get back to their cities to get this thing going. There are several questions for the area teams. Will the Orioles finally contend? Will the Nationals finally win more than 60 games while occupying their new ballpark? Will Stephen Strasburg be the star he is made out to be? All of those questions will be answered within the next few months, but today is the start.

The NFL Draft is about a month away, and the speculation as to who is going where and who is picking who is picking up at a rapid pace. Tim Tebow's workout yesterday in Florida was more like a rock concert than workout. It was highly attended, and the stadium's concession stands opened because of the high volume of fans in attendance. I'll be doing a mock draft in about two weeks, as well as an article about who I believe the Ravens should take in the first round. Who do you think the Ravens should take in the first round?

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The start of March Madness is the start of the baseball season, which leads to the NFL season. The MLB opening day is typically on the same Monday as the NCAA Championship game, and so we really do just roll from sport to sport. It's a great time to be a sports enthusiast.

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